Magic Type AI – Create Custom Writing with AI

Magic Type AI

The Magic Type AI is a revolutionary tool that can generate custom-made writing for you: Greetings, Poems, Rap Verses, all tailored to your specifications. Advanced algorithms create something special, just for you. Try it and be surprised!

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Create stories with one-word prompts, explore your imagination, develop stories, practice writing skills, explore genres & styles, challenge yourself to write in a certain amount of time – a great way to practice creativity!

Wordtune – AI Writing Assistant to Transform Your Writing!


Wordtune: AI writing assistant to rewrite, rephrase & reword your writing to make it more powerful & effective. Over 1,000,000 users, perfect for improving articles, academic papers, emails & any other online content. Take your writing to the next level!

CheckForAI – Detect AI Written Text in Essays & Emails


Our AI-powered tool detects written text in essays & emails with greater accuracy & efficiency than ever before, leveraging Open AI’s Roberta-base model & our own proprietary models to identify AI written text & subtle nuances.

TinyWow – AI-driven Utility Tools to Simplify Your Life


AI-driven utility tools make life simpler: PDF, video, image, AI writing & conversion tools help save time & energy by automating mundane tasks. Create, edit & convert PDFs, edit & convert videos, edit & convert images, generate content & convert files. Make life easier & more efficient.

ChatGPT Writer – AI-Powered Email & Reply Generator for Gmail

ChatGPT Writer

Introducing the revolutionary Chrome extension that utilizes ChatGPT AI to generate emails/replies with just a few keywords, supports all major languages, fast, efficient & easy to use. Get the free extension today & start using ChatGPT AI to save time & energy!

Talk To Books – Unlock New Ideas & Discover Books with AI

Talk To Books

Uncover new ideas & discover books with cutting-edge AI: explore passages with simple statements/questions, delve deeper into literature & uncover hidden gems, explore depths of literature & uncover new ideas & stories. Take a chance & see what you can discover!