AI2sql – Revolutionary AI Tool for Writing SQL Queries Easily


AI2sql revolutionizes SQL query crafting, enabling engineers & non-engineers to quickly & easily generate desired results without manual coding, reducing errors & saving time. Features include auto-completion, syntax highlighting & query optimization.

GitHub Copilot – AI-Powered Pair Programming Tool


GitHub Copilot: AI-powered pair programmer, provides code snippets & functions in real-time, directly from text editor, saves time & energy, OpenAI Codex generates code for multiple languages, great resource for all skill levels. – Focus & Productivity Music Streaming Service

Brain FM is a revolutionary music streaming service that helps you stay focused & productive with scientifically-designed music to stimulate the brain & blend into the background. Perfect for anyone looking to increase productivity & focus.

Code GPT – AI-Powered VS Code Extension for Developers

Code GPT

Code GPT is a VS Code Extension that provides developers with a suite of features to help write better code: StackOverflow, Explanation, Refactoring, Documentation, Finding Problems, and Unit Testing. Perfect for any developer looking to improve their coding skills.