Harmonai – Open-Source Audio Tools for Music Production


We create open-source audio tools to make music production accessible & enjoyable for all, designed to be intuitive & easy to use, so anyone can start making music right away. Our mission: provide a platform for people to explore their creativity & express themselves through music.

Audioshake – AI Tool for Music Producers, Composers, and Sound Engineers


Audioshake: the ultimate tool for music producers, composers & sound engineers. Get access to high-quality stems for sync licensing, sampling, remastering, remixing & re-imagining. Easy to use & provides access to a wide range of stems from different genres & styles. Create the perfect sound for your project.

Polymath – AI-Powered Music Library Transformation Tool


Polymath: Transform any music library into a production-ready sample library with machine learning. Automatically separate songs into stems, quantize to same tempo, analyze musical structure, key, and other infos. Create a searchable sample library to streamline workflow.

Sonify – AI Tool Directory for Audio, Data & Cutting-Edge Solutions


Sonify: Audio, Data & Cutting-Edge Tech Experts, creating audio-centric products & data-driven solutions tailored to clients’ needs, innovating & pushing boundaries, providing best possible experience, utilizing latest tech to ensure products are up to date & competitive.

Lalal.ai – Revolutionary Vocal Remover & Music Source Separation Service


Introducing a revolutionary vocal remover & music source separation service for quick, effortless & accurate stem extraction: remove vocal, instrumental, drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar & synthesizer tracks without sound quality degradation. Create the perfect mix in no time!