SEO GPT – AI-Powered SEO Optimization Tool for Websites


SEO GPT helps improve website visibility & ranking, offers titles & descriptions compatible with Google, passes AI detection, creates natural language content, analyses page content, identifies potential issues & provides solutions.

SwagAI – AI-Driven Swag Creation Tool


SwagAI is an AI-driven tool that helps you create unique company swag, just provide us with your specs and our algorithms will generate wild ideas, designed to make your company stand out with eye-catching swag that will make a lasting impression.

Magic Type AI – Create Custom Writing with AI

Magic Type AI

The Magic Type AI is a revolutionary tool that can generate custom-made writing for you: Greetings, Poems, Rap Verses, all tailored to your specifications. Advanced algorithms create something special, just for you. Try it and be surprised!

Wordtune – AI Writing Assistant to Transform Your Writing!


Wordtune: AI writing assistant to rewrite, rephrase & reword your writing to make it more powerful & effective. Over 1,000,000 users, perfect for improving articles, academic papers, emails & any other online content. Take your writing to the next level!