Heyday – AI Memory Assistant to Recall Content & Stay Informed


Heyday is an AI-powered memory assistant that helps you remember more of what you’ve learned, resurfaces content you may have overlooked, and keeps you up to date with the latest info, all without extra effort. Perfect for staying informed & organized!

ChatGPT Writer – AI-Powered Email & Reply Generator for Gmail

ChatGPT Writer

Introducing the revolutionary Chrome extension that utilizes ChatGPT AI to generate emails/replies with just a few keywords, supports all major languages, fast, efficient & easy to use. Get the free extension today & start using ChatGPT AI to save time & energy!

Meetgeek – AI-Powered Meeting Tool for Teams


Meetgeek: Powerful tool for teams to get the most out of their meetings, w/ real-time transcription, recordings, transcripts, keyword searches, tailored tips, AI-based notes, & integrations w/ Google Calendar, Outlook, Zoom, Teams, & more. Save time & energy by quickly capturing key points.

Askan.ai – AI-Powered Virtual Assistant for Quick Answers

Askan AI

askan.ai is an AI-powered virtual assistant that helps you get answers to questions quickly & easily. It understands natural language & provides accurate & reliable info on any topic. Perfect for anyone needing help finding the right info fast. #AI #VirtualAssistant