Riffusion – Create Unique Music from Text-Based Instructions


Create music from text instructions with Riffusion: experiment with styles, instruments, modifiers, genres, sounds, or any combination. Beginner or pro, create music tailored to your tastes with its intuitive interface. Try it and see what you can create!

Audioshake – AI Tool for Music Producers, Composers, and Sound Engineers


Audioshake: the ultimate tool for music producers, composers & sound engineers. Get access to high-quality stems for sync licensing, sampling, remastering, remixing & re-imagining. Easy to use & provides access to a wide range of stems from different genres & styles. Create the perfect sound for your project.

Lalal.ai – Revolutionary Vocal Remover & Music Source Separation Service


Introducing a revolutionary vocal remover & music source separation service for quick, effortless & accurate stem extraction: remove vocal, instrumental, drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar & synthesizer tracks without sound quality degradation. Create the perfect mix in no time!

AIVA – AI Music Composer for Unique & Tailored Music

AIVA: AI music composer, creates unique & tailored music, emotionally evocative & technically sophisticated, generates music in any genre, constantly evolving, perfect for musicians & producers looking for original & personalized music.