Brancher AI – Link AI Models & Create Unique AI Apps

Brancher AI

Link AI models together to create unique applications powered by AI, monetize & distribute creations to the global community, explore potential of AI & create innovative solutions, benefit from improved efficiency, accuracy & cost savings, share creations with the world & create a more connected & collaborative environment.

Unreal Meal – AI-Generated Imaginary Dishes

Unreal Meal

AI-generated images of imaginary dishes for new recipes, creative endeavors, inspiring chefs, food bloggers, photo shoots, conversations about AI in the culinary world, exploring reality & fantasy.

Munch – AI-Powered Video Clipping Tool for Social Media


Munch revolutionizes long-form videos into data-driven, short clips for social media, leveraging top interests of TikTok, Instagram, YouTube & Facebook. AI creates clips tailored to target audience, helping you reach more people & increase engagement.