Jasper – AI Copywriting Software for 10x Faster Content Creation


Generate content 10x faster with Jasper AI copywriting software: 3000+ 5-star ratings, perfect for crafting blog posts, social media posts & promotional copy. Features: NLP, keyword optimization, automated content generation & multi-language support. Create high-quality content in a fraction of the time.

Petals – AI Tool for Collaborative Running of Large Language Models


An open source tool to enable collaborative running of large language models, such as BLOOM-176B, allowing users to load a portion of the model and join forces with other users to execute inference or fine-tuning tasks, making it easier to work with large language models and share resources.

Liner.ai – Free ML Model Training Tool for Beginners


Liner: Free, convenient app to train ML models from your data, no coding or ML knowledge needed. Quickly and easily create ML models without hassle. Great way to get started with ML without investing time and effort.

Lobe – Create Powerful ML Models Quickly & Easily


Create powerful machine-learning models quickly and easily with Lobe: just provide examples and Lobe will do the rest, saving you time and money. Plus, its intuitive interface makes it easy to understand and use.