AI2sql – Revolutionary AI Tool for Writing SQL Queries Easily


AI2sql revolutionizes SQL query crafting, enabling engineers & non-engineers to quickly & easily generate desired results without manual coding, reducing errors & saving time. Features include auto-completion, syntax highlighting & query optimization. – AI-Powered Virtual Assistant for Quick Answers

Askan AI is an AI-powered virtual assistant that helps you get answers to questions quickly & easily. It understands natural language & provides accurate & reliable info on any topic. Perfect for anyone needing help finding the right info fast. #AI #VirtualAssistant – AI-Powered Press Release Writing Tool

newswritter ai is an AI-powered press release writing tool that helps you create compelling, eye-catching press releases in minutes using GPT-3 OpenAI technology & provides news marketing tools to get more visibility for your news.

OpenAI Text Classifier – AI-Powered Text Analysis Tool

Open AI Text Classifier

AI Text Classifier is a tool to identify human-written vs AI-generated content. It uses a trained model to analyze text & provide results to inform decisions. Results should not be used as sole evidence & model is trained on human-written text, so may not be representative.