AI2sql – Revolutionary AI Tool for Writing SQL Queries Easily


AI2sql revolutionizes SQL query crafting, enabling engineers & non-engineers to quickly & easily generate desired results without manual coding, reducing errors & saving time. Features include auto-completion, syntax highlighting & query optimization.

OpenAI Text Classifier – AI-Powered Text Analysis Tool

Open AI Text Classifier

AI Text Classifier is a tool to identify human-written vs AI-generated content. It uses a trained model to analyze text & provide results to inform decisions. Results should not be used as sole evidence & model is trained on human-written text, so may not be representative.

NeuroSpell – AI-Powered Spelling & Grammar Auto-Corrector


NeuroSpell: Advanced spelling & grammar auto-corrector powered by Deep Learning, available in 30+ languages, Dictaphone (Speech-to-Text) feature, in-domain vocabulary & phrasing, Human-in-the-loop charge optimization, Text-stream improvement/enrichment, Writing Aid, Proofreading RPA, Customer-workflow inputs enrichment, Speech-to-Text enhancement, OCR error correction. Improve accuracy & quality of written content, streamline customer workflows.